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The new home buying experience consists of more than searching out suitable shelter against wind and rain. At ATA Construction, LLC, we understand that a home is much more than just a house and we turn that understanding into a constant commitment to serving you, our valued customer.

As a member of the National Association of Home Builders, ATA Construction, LLC, strives for excellence. By having established strong, consistent relationships with our subcontractors and material suppliers, we are able to provide the highest quality construction materials and workmanship in every component of your home from the foundation up to the roof top. We don’t believe in cutting corners and want everything to be done right the first time. It is our feeling that “if it isn’t good enough for our home, then it isn’t good enough for yours.” Some builders say “out of sight, out of mind”, but here at ATA Construction, LLC, the hidden features of a home are equally as important as those features you can see. No detail is overlooked.

We are proud of our reputation of providing exceptional customer service and encourage strong client involvement from the design phase to the finishing touches. We are willing to listen to your specific needs and will gladly customize

your home to fit your family’s needs and desires; but, it doesn’t end there, the ATA Construction, LLC, team stands ready to assist you long after the sale has closed.

Here at ATA Construction, LLC, we understand that home-buyers are looking for good value for their dollar. Our base home includes features that most builders would consider upgrades. We seek out only the most qualified subcontractors and material suppliers who share our dedication to providing our customers with value and quality workmanship. ATA Construction, LLC, builds a better quality home than the competition for equal or less money.

Customers are always excited at the beginning of the construction process; our goal is for our customers to be even more excited when they move in. We believe that past clients are our best form of advertising. One happy customer is worth more than thousands of dollars’ worth of advertising. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, ATA Construction, LLC, is committed to your long-term happiness and hope to exceed all of your expectations in the construction of your new home.

We are confident that as you learn more about the value and quality of our homes, ATA Construction, LLC, will emerge as your first choice among builders.


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