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Why choosing your custom home builder before you start your home building process is important.

The process of successfully building a custom home is often misunderstood by prospective home buyers. Many think the correct order of business is to first go out and find the perfect lot, then hire an architect to design their dream home, then take their plans to several builders for bids and award the job to the lowest bidder. The reality is that the order is usually reversed. That is, the home buyer usually ends up choosing the builder first, and then together they:

  1. Establish a budget
  2. Determine your time frame
  3. Identify and purchase the perfect lot
  4. Design your dream home
  5. Select the right interior & exterior finishes
  6. Build your dream home

This process of working together as a team, from the beginning to the end usually results in a faster, smoother process saving you, the buyer time, money and unnecessary headaches.

Building a custom home is a lot of work and requires making lots of tough decisions along the way. That being said, if you choose a builder you can trust with the expertise to educate you and help you make the right decisions, then building a custom home can be an extremely rewarding experience.